Not just anyone can get into the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s exclusive premiere party, even if they are terrifying and poorly groomed zombies.

​The series’ tenth season premieres Sunday, Nov. 5 at 9/8 c on Bravo.


Network: Bravo

SVP Creative: Amy Troiano

VP, On-Air/Video Creative Marketing: Quest Marks

Creative Director, On-Air Promotions: Leeanne Irvin

Writer/Producer/Editor: Glen Richardson

Line Producer: Michael Pinho

Director, Production, On-Air Promotions: Trevor Takahashi

Production Manager, On-Air Promotions: Sam Anderson

Senior Director, Talent Relations: Kim McDade

Design Director: Han Yi

Agency: Ringer

Executive Producers: Silke Thompson, Rob Meltzer

Director: Rob Meltzer

DP: Amy Vincent

Head of Post-Production: Daniel Elkayam

VFX Supervisor: Elliott Jobe


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