Leon, 7, doesn’t dance because he has to, he dances because he wants to.

Justine, 6, loves to draw.

“To me, it’s like the whole world we live in is just art,” he says.

Leo, 5, loves dinosaurs; Emma, 7, loves to travel; Katiana, 6, loves jumping rope.

These are the kids featured in one-minute profiles for the new three-hour weekday morning show Sprout House on cable network Sprout—which will be renamed Universal Kids on September 9. Creative agency Nutmeg filmed five kids talking about their favorite things to promote the show.

Sprout House focuses on host Carly Ciarrocchi and her floppy puppy puppet pal Snug as they entertain their preschool viewers with games, crafts, animated features, kid-music bands like Secret Agent 23 Skiddoo and visitors like Carly and Snug’s best friend T.J.


Director/Producer: Mike Greaney

Editors: Brian Donnelly, Rich Jack, Drew Hankins

Sound Designer/Mixer: Brian Beatrice

Colorist: Gary Scarpulla

DP: Ken Spooner


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