“To catch a killer, it’s the connection that counts,” states Investigation Discovery (ID) in the above spot for its new show Murder By Numbers.

Murder By Numbers features a new murder mystery each episode, taking viewers through the investigation, from discovering the body through a variety of investigative twists and turns until the case is finally solved.

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ID partnered with The Collective@LAIR to market the new series. The campaign uses detailed visuals to emphasize the clues that most help investigators solve cases and understand the minds of the criminals they are chasing.

To portray those clues, LAIR Director Steven Weinzierl captured tight macro shots of large threaded numerals—an intricate web of nails, wood, and string. This web helps illustrate the threads of evidence that link thorough investigations resulting in justice.


Director: Steven Weinzierl

Network: Investigation Discovery

Production Company: The Collective @ LAIR

Director: Steven Weinzierl

Executive Producer: Theresa Loguercio

Practical Effects: Brian Haimes

Associate Producer: Lara Geis

Investigation Discovery Producers: Carrie Sullivan, Cassandra Bowen, Rebekah Nolan

Investigation Discovery VP Marketing: Jennifer Pennybacker


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