In advance of the arrival of season two of Fox’s rebooted The X-Files, Fox Portugal encouraged fans to welcome aliens to Earth.

Collaborating with agencies Jack the Maker, Ogilvy Portugal and Mindshare, Fox Creative handed out laser pens to passers-by and asked them to write greetings to aliens on a nearby building in the hopes that they would see them and pay us a visit.

Sadly, no aliens have yet been spotted but fans left lots of fun messages and Fox Portugal got the word out about The X-Files through this creative activation.


Network: Fox Portugal, part of Fox Networks Group

Advertising Agency: Fox Creative, Jack The Maker

Digital Agencies: Fox Creative, Jack The Maker, Ogilvy Portugal

Media Agency: Mindshare

Communication Agency: Lift

Creative Director: Hellington Vieira

Marketing Director: Catarina Barradas

Creative Copywriters: Ana Castanho (Fox Creative), Senhor Ricardo (Jack the Maker)

Creative Producer: Ricardo Leandro

Designers: Sasha Ostasheva, Francisco Rivas, Vanessa Alves

Production Coordinators: Dulce Alves (Fox Creative), Ricardo Espada (Jack the Maker)

Brand Manager: Jaime Anahory

Digital Manager: Alexandra Hernandez

Programming Coordinator: Susana Gomes


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