PromaxBDA’s State of Our Art session rounds up the most innovative, creative work from the past year in order to leave conference goers entertained and inspired.

At the PromaxBDA Europe Conference in Berlin on Tuesday, Federico Gaggio, brand builder creative leader and founder of Do&Co, presented what he found to be most inspiring from the marketing field and beyond.

“I love doing this,” said Gaggio, “and I learned that many eyes are much better at spotting excellence than mine alone.”

So Gaggio crowd-sourced the 2015 Europe Conference’s State of Our Art session with fellow PromaxBDA members from around the world. “I can’t take all the credit, but I shall take all the blame,” he said. “The work here represents my point of view on what’s outstanding, inspiring or innovative. I believe that inspiration has no boundaries. I show ‘cool shit’ that moves people regardless of its origin, industry or specific purpose.”

So, broken down in themes, Gaggio presents just a few of his, and members’ favorite work of the year:


In a “brilliant example of real-time marketing,” says Gaggio, South African agency Ireland/Davenport took advantage of the popular Dress meme, approaching the Salvation Army to ask if they would like to put their name to the ad.


Gaggio calls this category “work that build brands by honing into an essential idea.” One example is Film 4’s recent branding project.

Film 4 branding (by 4Creative and Man Vs Machine):

Being there

Because sports brands are constantly fighting for the same audiences with similar content, they need to stand out. “They go to great length to show how they get you closer to the action,” says Gaggio.

Canal+ “cameramen” (by BETC Paris):

Alchemy of Brand and Content

Canal Digital offers reasons to watch (by TBWA Stockholm):

(Filmic) Interactive experiences

“One thing that never ceases to amaze me is to see the world of cinema and video games collide,” he says, adding examples from the video game and automotive industries.

Five Minutes trailer (by Unit9):

The project to get the most votes in this crowd-sourced experiment was Honda’s project, “The Other Side.” “You have to experience it directly for the full effect,” he says.

Honda “The Other Side” - Trailer (by W+K London):


“In the age of social transparency, there is no hiding from the truth,” says Gaggio. “Might as well use it as an agent of change.”

Children’s truth about banking (by Duvall Guillaume Modem Belgium):


This humanitarian campaign for the UN food program was created to raise awareness by hijacking media, pushing celebrity endorsement to new heights to influence action.

805 Million Names (by Forsman & Bodenfors):

“I am inspired by work that doesn’t stick to silos of paid, owned and earned media,” he sums up. “My State of Our Art selection features many brands who live by their purpose and strive to demonstrate their values by adding value to people’s lives.”

Find more insight from Gaggio on the “Ideas that Do” section of his website: And for more information about PromaxBDA Europe Conference 2015, visit

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