Mr. Wonderful, founded in 2006, has been around long enough that people had heard of the Manhattan-based creative agency, but how well did they really know the firm and its growing creative abilities?

“We get that question — ‘Who is Mr. Wonderful?’ all the time. And our goal with the rebrand was to better define who Mr Wonderful is and give greater insight into our creative capabilities,” said Creative Director Gary Keenan. “We’ve been established here for 12 years. During that 12 years, we’ve grown up a lot. We’re a little bit older, a little bit smarter, and with the rebrand, a lot better looking.”

Since its founding, the agency has evolved from a standard creative shop to one offering a full spectrum of creative services, with a specialization in strategy and concept as well as fully integrated creative production of commercials, promos, print, digital and 360 campaigns.

“All brands want to create an emotional and visceral connection with their consumers,” said Keenan. “Our focus at Mr Wonderful is creating that connection through thoughtful creative based on strategic insight.”

For example, in 2016 Mr. Wonderful executed the season 12 launch campaign for E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Backed by a tagline of “The Power of K,” the agency created a “unified 360 campaign including digital, outdoor and on-air,” said Damien Henderson, executive producer at Mr Wonderful.

The agency also just completed national and regional campaigns for NBC’s Summer Olympics in Rio and Winter Olympics, going on now, in PyeongChang, with the latter campaign including more than 120 promotions.

The two most tangible things Mr. Wonderful did to rebrand itself — and almost all of the work was done internally — was to tweak its logo into something a little more fun and irreverent and to give its website a serious upgrade. Now, a visit to the site rewards the user with full-screen video that showcases Mr. Wonderful’s recent work.

As for the logo, “the new identity was created as a reflection of the idea that we, as creatives try to look at things from a different perspective. It’s purpose is to intrigue the viewer and make them take a second look,” said Keenan.

“We truly enjoy what we do and that enthusiasm is reflected in the tone of our brand,” said Henderson.


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