From the boxing championship between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, to the simple yet complex main titles for Netflix series Atypical, the most watched Hot Spots in August ran the gamut from serious to sensitive—with a few spoofs thrown in for good measure.

International companies also left their mark this month, with Russia’s NTV and Australia’s SBS Broadcasting making the list.

1. Mayweather v. McGregor: A King is Born

Showtime, with help from creative agency Drive Studio, is billed the Aug. 26 professional boxing championship fight as King vs. King, with Mayweather considered “King of the Ring” and McGregor “King of the Octagon.”

2. Big Machine’s Simple Yet Complex Main Titles for ‘Atypical’

To create the main titles for Netflix’s new series, Atypical, creative agency Big Machine worked closely with series director Seth Gordon and creator Robia Rashid for a project that combines hand-drawn elements with meticulously modeled CGI, with all animation created in Cinema 4D using Octane Render. The result appears simple but was complicated to create.

3. Fox’s ‘Ghosted’ Spoofs Famous Horror Movies

​It didn’t take Fox’s marketing team long to start having fun with its new spoof sitcom, Ghosted, starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott, with parodies on such famous horror movies as Poltergeist, Alien and The Fly.

4. NTV’s New Logo Turns Out to be Highly Versatile

​Russia’s NTV got ultra-creative with the giant, gleaming green sphere that sits at the center of its new logo for this set of world-spanning idents.

5. SBS Broadcasting Considers TV Worth Talking About

​Australia’s SBS Broadcasting airs some of TV’s most beautiful shows, including The Good Fight, The Handmaid’s Tale, Madiba, Mutiny and Versailles. This spot draws on some of the best cinematography from each of those programs to create a piece worth talking about.


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