Last week, PromaxBDA hosted the 2017 Latin America conference and awards at the New World Center in Miami.

One of the highlights of that event was a conversation with Raze TV, which received PromaxBDA’s 2017 Game-Changers Award. Raze TV is a millennial-focused digital platform founded by — and I apologize upfront for my terrible pronunciation of these names — Emiliano Calemzuk, Luis Balaguer and Modern Family star Sofia Vergara.

Calemzuk was joined on stage by Raze TV’s chief creative officer Rafael Sandor and the pair was interviewed by WTVJ Miami’s Roxanne Vargas. The trio discussed Raze TV’s mission, its plans to expand into scripted content, and how Raze TV approaches its marketing.

Let’s listen in:

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[Images courtesy of Jasen Delgado]


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