Investigation Discovery turned to creative production agency IKA Collective to expand the reach of its IDGO app through a spot featuring Homicide Hunter and the show’s star, retired police detective Joe Kenda.

The promo plays up Homicide Hunter as an addictive series by following a man from a bus stop, to an elevator, to the DMV, as he watches it on the go from his mobile phone. Along the way, he attracts a collection of viewers who get drawn in by the stories and must tear themselves away when his number is called.

Kenda is by his side the whole time, narrating “live” and enforcing the idea that the IDGO app makes it easy for fans to take their favorite shows with them.

The spot was conceived, shot and edited by IKA Collective, and directed by Ian Karr.

“The world is so noisy right now and promos need to be really distinctive to get noticed,” Karr said in a statement. “Going with an irreverent idea makes it much easier to pay attention.”

To deliver maximum production value and minimize the impact on Kenda’s schedule, IKA Collective shot the entire spot in one day in a single location: a vacant office building.

“We built a bus shelter outside and a dead ringer for the DMV in an empty, windowless file room,” Karr said. “It’s remarkable how real that felt.”


Client: Investigation Discovery

Project: IDGO App campaign; Labor Day promo

Doug Seybert, SVP Marketing

Nellie Ryan, VP Marketing-Strategy

Kyle Russell, Sr. Director, Marketing and Promotion

Jaycen Armstrong, Manager Production

Matt Kendis, Sr. Creative Director

Carrie Sullivan, Creative Director

Rebekah Nolan, Writer/Producer

Production: IKA Collective, New York

Director: Ian Karr

Producer: Robbie Chafitz

DP: Bill Winters

Editors: Judd Blaise, Ronni Thomas, Ian Karr

Graphics: Vince Rose

Colorist: Jordan Bramlett

Audio Mix: Jaime Marcelo


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