​Atlanta-based animation and design firm Awesome Inc. mixed beautiful frames that look like oil paintings with graphics drawn from Adult Swim Games’ Death’s Gambit to create this trailer ahead of the 2-D action game’s release for PC and PS4 on Aug. 14.

In the game, you are resurrected by Death himself to travel throughout the realm of Siradon and conquer immortals.

An earlier trailer for the game was released in June:


Publisher: Adult Swim Games

Game Developer: White Rabbit

Animation and Design: Awesome Inc.

Executive Producer: Ashley Kohler

Producer: Liz Macke

Design Director: Craig Sheldon

Motion Design: Daniel Cantelm

Illustration: Ashley Dotson

Producer: Matt Peccini (Here on Holiday)

Art Director: Alex Kubodera, White Rabbit

Product Marketing Manager: Bradley Nicholson (Adult Swim Games)

Composer and Sound Design: Mark McAdam (Superhead Studios)

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