The first and deadliest summer of the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

Netflix released the intense trailer for Black Summer, the apocalyptic prequel to Syfy’s recently-canceled series, Z Nation. There’s panic, armed forces, family separation, and plenty of freakishly fast zombies.

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The eight-part horror drama follows a group of American refugees during the onset of the zombie outbreak. Jamie King leads the cast as Rose, a mother who loses her daughter in the midst of the mayhem. She embarks on a quest with her newly-assembled team to find a safe haven, survive the living dead, and find her daughter. But in order to do so, the group must make some brutal decisions along the way as the country quickly unravels.

Black Summer is created by John Hyam and Karl Schaefer. In addition to King, the series stars Sal Velez Jr., Aidan Fink, Michael Aucoin and Kash Hill.

The flesh-eating commences April 11 on Netflix.

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