From building a snowman to playing in the sprinkler, from enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner to ringing in the New Year with a kiss, a whole new set of experiences will soon become available on The Sims 4.

The much-anticipated Seasons expansion pack will weather and holidays into the mix. Players can revel in seasonal activities such as ice skating and swimming, and even embark on a new career as a gardener.

The pack adds new dimension to the game, lead producer Grant Rodiek told Newsweek in a statement:

“With a vast variety of weather elements that empower the ways players can play with life, The Sims 4 Seasons will allow players to use their Sims to tell relatable stories like those they’ve experienced in real life,” Rodiek said. “The ever-changing weather will transform worlds in unique ways by impacting gameplay choices, Sims’ relationships, and Sims’ daily life, while also delivering new challenges.”

The Sims 4 Seasons is available June 22 for PC and Mac.

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