As it enters its 20th season, NBCUniversal’s Maury again paired with longtime creative partner Undefined Creative to give itself a brand refresh after four years.

“The process really changes when you rebrand the same show multiple times,” said Undefined Creative’s Founder and Creative Director Maria Rapetskaya, in a statement. “That’s quite unique for an outside vendor to do, but … Paul and I have worked together for the entirety of my career as a creative director. So, this is a truly rare working relationship.”

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“Working with Maria and Undefined Creative has been one of the most satisfying collaborations of my 26 years in television,” said Paul Faulhaber, executive producer, Maury, also in a statement. “There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a creative vision come to life and jump off of the screen. Whether it is a rebranding or a new package for a show, Maria will take a concept and make it feel current and relevant.”

Maury’s new look features lots of moving parts in bright blues and purples. The only part of the old look that remained was the show’s signature deep ultramarine blue and the lowercase m (for Maury, natch).

To create the rebrand’s both flat and dimensional new look, Undefined Creative experimented both in After Effects and Cinema 4D. The inspiration was paper, which includes both flatness and dimension in a single sheet.

“The show is so much about humanity and motion that [Undefined Creative] strongly believed there needed to be a tactile quality to the aesthetic. Here too, paper provided them with a lot of aesthetic choices to explore,” the company said.

In the end, the rebrand merged both 2D and 3D looks into the cohesive package featured above.


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