Brand experience company Troika has merged with M2 nGage Group to form the new company Troika Media Group, focused on delivering integrated branding and advertising solutions through emerging technology, data and creativity.

M2 nGage, which has rebranded as Troika Services, Inc., provides integrated wireless networks and fan engagement analytics, including advertising platforms for stadiums, arenas, festivals, hotels and other public venues. With support from international investors and a publically traded platform, the merger lays the foundation for Troika to expand its services as part of a long-term growth strategy.

“This enables us to pursue acquisitions that will help grow our capabilities and align with our clients’ changing needs,” said Troika President Dan Pappalardo. “We are initially looking at companies that most directly complement our current branding and advertising focus aimed at creating greater audience and fan engagement and monetization for brands.”

The immediate benefits will deeply impact eSports and live entertainment clients by using M2’s tech platforms at live events to develop new creative forms of engagement through smartphones and local wifi networks at major events. Merging with M2 was a natural fit for Troika, which was already exploring that arena.

For instance, last year Troika partnered with Riot Games for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship, using live projection mapping to bring the virtual sporting event to life on a massive scale, and immersing fans in the game play for an enhanced and collective live experience.

“The merger will help us take live experiences to the next level - enhancing shared experiences centered around mobile devices, creating new rituals at live events, and driving in-venue purchasing decisions for consumers,” Pappalardo said.

Troika’s goal is to be the best brand and marketing partner that it can be to clients, he said. The company has hired staff anthropologists, brand strategists, and formed Troika Consortium, a group of businesses specializing in digital, social, media strategy and virtual reality.

“As we all know, the marketing needs of media companies today are far more complicated than ever before,” he said. “To be successful in this highly competitive market with today’s audiences and fans requires an incredibly broad toolbox of expertise.”

The vision for Troika has always been to continue to grow, innovate and expand in the digital media, and merging with M2 will allow the company to build on its existing services to develop new engagement and analytics tools for media clients in the future.

“The current suite of services coupled with new capabilities,” Pappalardo said, “will allow us to better serve our clients as well as take our expertise into new markets.”


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