San Diego Comic-Con wasn’t always the pop culture monolith that it is today. More than a decade ago, Lisa Gregorian, now president and chief marketing officer for Warner Bros. Television Group, realized it was a place to really connect with the hard-core fans that loved Warner Bros.’ genre shows, such as Smallville and The Big Bang Theory. And how right she was.

After spending her early years at the Con selling Warner Bros. merchandise on the show floor to raise money just to fund the trip, Gregorian—with lots of help from Tammy Golihew, executive vice president of publicity and social media for Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing—has built Warner Bros.’ TV presence into one of the major marketing forces on hand in San Diego. This year alone, Warner Bros. is showcasing 21 shows in San Diego—some via screenings, others via panels, others via activations and presence at Warner Bros.’ centrally located two-story booth.

Other TV shows and movies have taken note, and today Comic-Con represents the Super Bowl of TV marketing. It’s where everyone goes to show off their coolest, most fan-driven activations just two months before the start of the new TV season.

Here’s Paige Albiniak talking to Lisa and Tammy (who promises puppies and they can be found above) about how it all began:

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[Image courtesy of Kristin Craik]


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