Netflix digs into the sadness behind the queen’s sister Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) and the type of person her husband Prince Philip (Matt Smith) is with two trailers that hone in on each character for season two of The Crown.

“You’re drinking far more than you used to,” Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) tells Margaret, who walked away from her love, Peter Townsend (Ben Miles), in season one.

“You denied me my perfect match,” Margaret responds.

Meanwhile, the streamer asks ‘who is Philip?’ as it explores the queen’s royal consort.

“I know exactly what my job is,” he tells the queen. “Your father made it perfectly clear. You are my job.”

The Crown is based on the play, The Audience, by Peter Morgan. For the series, Morgan teams with director Stephen Daldry and producer Andy Harries to recreate the world of the British monarchy and the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

The 10-episode second season returns December 8 on Netflix.


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