Tetris is getting trippy.

Sony’s trailer announcing an update to the classic game is a visual masterpiece, using bright lights, colors and music to explain the science that inspired Tetris Effect, hitting PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 this fall.

Between cosmic visuals and kaleidoscope-esc transitions, a narrator breaks down the phenomenon, researched at Harvard Medical School in 2000. Participants in a study reported seeing imagery from the game hours after they finished playing—including those with brain damage that prevented them from forming new memories, and who could not recall ever playing it.

“Blocks,” the narrator says. “They all saw blocks, falling through space.”

The luminescent announcement spot offers a window into how Tetris Effect will evolve through gameplay that offers a visual and audio experience. Along with Enhance Games, it’s developed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who is behind the puzzle series Rez Infinite that’s known for its music and visual effects, as well Lumines.

The idea behind Tetris Effect the game is to amplify and enhance that same magical feeling where you just can’t get it out of your head, and not just the falling shapes, but all the visuals, the sounds, the music — everything!” says Mizuguchi on PlayStation Blog.

The game will offer more than 30 stages that “immerse players in different fantastical worlds that react and evolve based on how you play.” Background elements, audio, special effects , even the Tetris pieces themselves, will pulse, dance, shimmer, make music and explode in perfect sync with how players play.

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