Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris, award-winning, multi-platinum artist turned acclaimed actor and apparel designer is looking for a new executive to join his multi-million-dollar Grand Hustle business, and will be scouting that person out on BET’s The Grand Hustle.

The series will focus on 16 aspiring “hustlers” competing for a chance to join the business that T.I. built from the ground up. As BET puts it, “he understands how to grind to the top in business, making something from nothing.”

“This opportunity will not come to the weak, and it will not come without 100 percent dedication from both of your teams,” T.I. says in the trailer.

The prize is a six-figure salary and a coveted position as a Grand Hustle staffer.

BET debuted three spots that aim to bring viewers into the world of a mogul and behind closed doors into his empire.

The promos focus on T.I. emerging from a gritty parking garage to a beautiful penthouse boardroom as a way to represent his path from humble beginnings to becoming the king of his own business empire … representing for the streets and the suites.

The Grand Hustle premieres July 19 at 10 p.m. on BET.


SVP and Executive Creative Director, Brand Strategy, BETN: Kendrick Reid

VP Creative Director: Adrian Hilton

VP, Design: Josh Pelzek

Creative Director: Jerome Ford

Production Company: NuContext

Director: Eif Rivera

Director Project Management: Seida Saidi

Senior Copywriter: Thembisa Mshaka

Production Manager: Pierre Roache

Writer/Producer: Blair Younger

Editor: Derrick Guest

VO: Donovan Corneetz

Art Director: Dana Kinlaw

Design/Gfx: Jun Lee

Audio Mix: Eric Pfeifer


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