All Ages Productions teamed up with Bravo for the social video “Les Chats de Sunset” (The Cats of Sunset), featuring Persian cats as stars of the show.

The spot teases some of the upcoming storylines from the new season, and the opening credits are replicated almost exactly from the actual show open, with backplates and type provided by original main title creators, Charlie Co.

All Ages built a miniature Shahs world, cast “the coolest cats in all of Philly” and did all the post production.

Show talent recorded voiceovers for their feline characters, which were combined with sound bites from the series.


SVP, Creative: Amy Troiano

VP, Creative: Quest Marks

Creative Director: Leeanne Irvin

Concept: Leeanne Irvin

Writer/Producer: Jeff Edelstein

Design Director: Han Yi

Broadcast Graphics Designer: Kathy Valladares

Additional Voiceover: Caitlin Muramatsu

Show Open graphics and IDs: Charlie Co.

Production Team: All Ages Productions

Executive Producer: James Doolittle, All Ages

Director/Editor: Ted Passon, All Ages


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