A new generation of explorers has arrived with Nat Geo Kids, a multi-platform television and app experience that serves as Fox Networks Group Latin America’s first product for children.

Latin America is the first region where Nat Geo Kids will launch internationally since “it is a strategic market for National Geographic, with millions of followers seeking access to new quality content,” says Santiago De Cárolis, marketing senior vice president at National Geographic Partners Latin America. He considers the launch an ideal way to reach a new and demanding demographic of kids ages 4-7 years old.

With that in mind, the brand debuted with creative focused on developing curiosity.

“[We want] to encourage curiosity, passion for nature, adventure, creativity and science [in children],” says De Cárolis. “Likewise, [Nat Geo Kids] offers parents a safe destination, with useful content for their children and the unparalleled backing of National Geographic. [Nat Geo is] one of the world’s most prestigious brands with a legacy of more than 129 years. [The network] gathers the best scientists, explorers, photographers and film directors to create stories that seek to change the world,” he says.

The World at Their Fingertips

The format is intended for a restless and curious audience that’s constantly in motion: from parents—who De Cárolis defines as millennials—all the way to the littlest ones. Today, kids seem to be born with the gift of interacting with the world through their fingertips, which De Cárolis describes as a natural part of the touch-screen generation.

“It is essential to join them through a multi-platform destination that is accessible anytime and anyplace,” he says. As a result, the Nat Geo Kids app is available for free and offers exclusive content with full episodes, videos, clips, images and educational games, as well as streaming access to the network.

“We were born as a multi-platform destination because this is how children experience daily life, with the TV on at home while simultaneously holding a mobile device,” says Alex Mendes, head of creative services at National Geographic Partners Latin America.

The launch campaign’s core spots emphasize this idea.

“In Swipe Kids, we made this concept clear by highlighting [children’s] digital nature—applying the movement of the forefinger, characteristic in the use of a tablet, throughout the spot and showing that new generations are changing the world for a better future,” he says.

In the video (above), two children discover a diverse world: with the swipe of a pointer, a rainy window becomes a spring landscape; a pile of trash turns into garbage cans and recycling. This demonstrates how interacting with technology can open up new ideas for kids.

A voiceover explains the brand’s objectives: “They were born thinking they could change the world and it is our wish to drive them to accomplish so. Nat Geo Kids has arrived ... with all the values of National Geographic, for children who want a better world and are willing to [work to] achieve it.”

“National Geographic’s values are what separate us from the competition. It is vital to give them the relevance they deserve,” says Mendes. “All of Nat Geo Kids’ creative processes are based on two questions: ‘Is it fun?’ and ‘Does it offer children a good message? If the answer to either of these two questions is no, we do not advance the idea,” he says.

Broadening Horizons

The creative campaign has been released in the region’s Spanish-speaking countries and is being promoted in Brazil this month. The strategy maintains the same tone throughout Latin America, “emphasizing fun and encouraging children to discover new horizons,” says Mendes.

In turn, both the look and feel of the branding highlight a passion for exploring the world, featuring animated elements of nature and space.

“The goal is to produce and identify tools to help children see the world with more magic, energy, and happiness,” says Mendes.

The campaign continues to be based on the clear concept of arousing curiosity with promos designed based on programming.

“Our content is incredible and empowers our creative work when it comes to producing pieces for TV,” says Mendes “The programs are our best resource, since they promote passion for exploration, science and the environment through amusing characters and vibrant colors that grab children’s attention.”

Scheduled Explorations

The programming features 400 hours of animated entertainment and 10-minute shows. Some of the main programs include The Adventures of Blinky Bill, depicting wildlife with koala Blinky Bill and his lizard friend Jacko; Ready Jet Go!, which promotes interest in space and science exploration as three friends embark on various adventures to explore the solar system; Chuck’s Choice, which delves into the decision-making process through a 10-year-old boy’s adventures; and Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab, intended to inspire passion for science and teamwork with a holographic image of Edison and his robot Von Bolt.

Nat Geo Kids also includes blockbuster films such as Rio, Shrek the Third, Madagascar and Megamind.

De Cárolis says the content will not be limited to animation, and original productions are expected in several Latin American countries.

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