The Golf Channel teamed up with creative agency Monkeyhead on this year’s campaign for The British Open, which will be played at Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, England July 20 -23.

Monkeyhead’s concept for the spots takes viewers back to the tourney’s beginning, with pen-and-ink drawings springing to full-color life.

Creating those spots provided Monkeyhead with something of a challenge, requiring the agency to deliver artistic renderings and smooth transitions as well as designing an array of assets that Golf Channel could use leading up to the tournament.

Here are three other spots from the campaign:



Claret Jug


Client: Golf Channel

Co-Creative Directors: Chad Read & Fran Solomita

Lead Producer: Stephane Berthet

Producer: Sean O’Hara

Art Director: Sean McCoole

Production Company: Monkeyhead

Creative Director: Josh Sahley

Lead Producer: Chelsea Ferchow


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