This spot, produced by ITV Creative, takes viewers back through 57 years of the channel’s Coronation Street, Britain’s longest-running soap opera. Each scene recreates iconic scenes as they were filmed, and uses the technology of the day to so.

The promo emerged from an idea by Executive Creative Director Tony Pipes and was directed by Caswell Coggins.

Some scenes were recreated on Coronation Street‘s actual set while other classic sets were recreated at Shepperton Studios by art director Matt Gant (Life on Mars, Endeavour). Colors, wallpaper, fabrics, costumes, make-up and props—including authentic equipment and cameras—were sourced for each time period.


Agency: ITV Creative

Executive Creative Director: Tony Pipes

Director: Caswell Coggins

Producer: Hannah Cooper

Director of Photography: Richard Mott

Production Designer: Matt Gant

Costume Designer: Michelle May

Editor: Toby Conway Hughes

Sound Design: Munzie Thind (@Grand Central)

Colourist: Simone Grattarola (@Time Based Arts)

Post Production: Matt Shires (@Time Based Arts)

Executive Producer: Jill Findlay

Head of Marketing: Sarah Tobias

Marketing Executive: Cleo Montague


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