“I’ve seen some good days—championship parades, Olympic games, red carpets, walk of fame. Yeah, some pretty good days. But today, today’s a new day,” says Ice Cube as he’s filmed from the roof of bpg‘s Los Angeles studios.

The rapper and actor is narrating this black-and-white film heralding the arrival of NBA superstar LeBron James to the 2018 Los Angeles Lakers, marking a new day on Spectrum SportsNet.


Client: Spectrum Sportsnet

Clients: Alison Hellman, Melissa Karten, Pete Carril

Creative Director: Andrew Cleary

Agency: bpg

Director: Steph Sebbag

Creative Director: Steph Sebbag

DP: Sean Conaty

DP: Dallas Sterling

Producer: Julie Trampush

Post Producer: Janet Arlotta

Editor: Frederick Snyder

Music: Andrew Cleary

Tags: bpg hot spots ice cube la lakers lebron james spectrum sportsnet la

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