Leading up to PromaxBDA’s big international conference, we are taking a look at the speakers, sessions and panels that make the event memorable. Joel Beckerman, founder and lead composer at Man Made Music, speaks about his upcoming session, his career and his advice to industry up-and-comers. Don’t miss Beckerman’s session at this year’s conference: “The Transformation of Univision at 50.”

Name: Joel Beckerman

Title: Founder and Lead Composer, Man Made Music

Could you summarize your session in 5 words? Transforming the Univision brand.

What other speaker are you most interested in seeing at PromaxBDA: The Conference this year? Looking forward to learning about millennials with Linda Ong, and can’t wait to see Stephanie Gibbons and Niels Schuurmans take on the “State of Our Art!”

How do you watch television content? I watch TV everywhere and anywhere. All my monitors and devices at home and in the studio are all tricked out with Apple TVs, set-top boxes and the like. But I have to say I still love my big screen TV best!

What is your greatest creative achievement so far? I’d have to say it was convincing my wife that I was a good prospect, followed by the creation of my company, Man Made Music. That’s the creative achievement that has given me the platform and freedom to do so many wonderful things!

How do you stay inspired? I listen to and watch people very closely, listen to old records, read hair-brained physics-for-the-rest-of-us books, seek out walks to greenery and water, and change location and move from seated to standing positions at tables a lot. I’m also a ravenous newspaper reader.

How did you get your start in this industry? Quite by accident. My wife was a promo producer. She brought me to a PromaxBDA conference, and Dan Bragg had the guts to hire me to create the identity for Showtime! Crazy, right? Love that guy.

And for more information for PromaxBDA: The Conference, June 18-20 in Los Angeles, check back at promaxbda.org. Speakers and sessions are being constantly updated.


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