Leading up to PromaxBDA’s big international conference, we are taking a look at the speakers, sessions and panels that make the event memorable. Gordon Ho, CEO of GKH Media & co-founder of MyMovieDeals.Com; and the chair of the PromaxBDA Research & Insights Committee, speaks about his upcoming session, his career and his advice to industry up-and-comers. Don’t miss Ho’s session at this year’s conference: “The Top 2013 Media Insights You Need to Know or Perish.”

Speaker Name: Gordon Ho

Title: CEO GKH Media & Co-Founder, MyMovieDeals.com; Chair, PromaxBDA Research & Insights Committee

Could you summarize your session in 5 words? Actionable trends you must know.

What other speaker are you most interested in seeing at PromaxBDA: The Conference this year? So, many. I always look forward to Lee Hunt’s great insights. Also, Steph Sebbag’s “Greatest Integrated Campaigns of the Year” session looks terrific.

How do you watch television content? Still on my big screen plasma; but I do watch video on my other screens (tablet, laptop, smartphone).

What do you think is the most important trait of a leader? Establishing measurable goals and empowering the team.

What is your greatest career achievement so far? Presenting at The Conference, of course! Also, establishing Disney Movie Rewards CRM program and creating the direct-to-video category.

What one piece of advice would you give to an up-and-comer in this industry? Find a good team of mentors and mentees – your “personal board of directors.”

How did you get your start in this industry? I was fortunate to get recommended from an alumnus at my B-school – so, using all your networks really pays off!

For more information for PromaxBDA: The Conference, June 18-20 in Los Angeles, check back at promaxbda.org. Speakers and sessions are being constantly updated.


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