In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, record rainfall and continuing floods across Houston, station group Tegna with 46 stations in 38 markets, has reached out to their communities to raise $2 million and counting via its Texas Cares initiative.

The above spot, which stations across the group have been running, showcases heroic rescue efforts amidst rising flood waters in Houston, set to the Texas state song, “Texas, Our Texas.”

All proceeds go to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to which the Tegna Foundation also is donating $100,000.


Original Concept: Doug Boehner, Alex Krueger, Andrea Newham

Graphics: Justin Anstead, Andrea Newham, Alex Krueger

Audio Post Production: David Jewel, Alex Krueger

Vocals: Holly Tucker

Produced and Edited by: Alex Krueger

Additional Footage Provided by: Bobby Rigg

Brand manager: Blair Nelson

Marketing Director: Jim Glass

VP Marketing: Meredith Conte


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