​Before you head off to enjoy summer’s last long weekend, here’s five things you may have missed this week—plus one of our favorite Hot Spots—to inspire you before you head out the door.

‘Game of Thrones’’ Season-7 Finale Hits Series High

16.5 million total viewers tuned in on Sunday, August 28, to see the series’ penultimate finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf.” We collectively think the actual wolf in this scenario got short-shrift while an undead dragon burned down The Wall with icy-cold blue fire.

Michael Thorn Named President of Entertainment at Fox

It’s the end of an era at Fox as David Madden heads off to oversee programming at AMC and Sundance and Michael Thorne steps into Madden’s role after overseeing series development for Fox sister company Twentieth Century Fox Television.

Disney-ABC Looks to Reduce Costs at ABC Television by ‘At Least’ 10%

Networks likely to be affected include ABC, ESPN, Disney Channel, Disney XD and Freeform

21st Century Fox Pulls Fox News from UK’s Sky

Company says only a few thousand people were tuning in to conservative leaning news service as Britain’s anti-trust regulators consider 21st Century Fox’s proposal that it acquire the remaining 69 percent of Sky it doesn’t already own.

Facebook Watch Goes Live for US Viewers

Facebook officially threw its hat in the video ring, launching Watch, which looks to directly take on the likes of YouTube and Twitch.

And finally, in our pick for Hot Spot of the Week, TBS wonders what Neil deGrasse Tyson is thinking about its People of Earth. Why are aliens depicted as traveling in flying saucers? If you meet an alien, should you grab his or her “hand” for a shake? And off the subject, could Godzilla even really exist?


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