A real live tree, bedecked with framed memories, symbolizes the fraught family tree being investigated by Nikolai Von Bousof in TV Channel Ukraine’s new 95-episode drama, Secrets.

When Nikolai was just a boy, he met and fell in love with Katya Grischuk. In short order, her father disappeared, his mother was murdered and his father was thrown in prison. Katya and Nikolai were torn apart before their lives together could ever start.

Many years later, Nikolai returns to his hometown of Stanov to try to solve the mystery of who murdered his mother. At the same time, Katya returns and the star-crossed loves meet and fall in love all over again. But this time, it’s not distance that separates them, but a terrible secret.


Channel: TV Channel Ukraine

Marketing Director: Elena Shvoryak

Promo Director: Svetlana Berezhna

Executive Producer: Daria Golubkova

Art Director: Irina Evstifeeva

Creative Director: Roman Shoma

Tags: hot spots tv channel ukraine

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