Inbetween John Landgraf pontificating about the future of television and America, FX did have a few announcements about their current slate of programming, while providing updates on future projects.

A growing theme in FX’s business and all of TV, is working with extremely busy creators balancing several job opportunities. For FX, that’s the reality with Noah Hawley, Louis C.K. and now Donald Glover.

One of the network’s biggest announcements this year was an animated Deadpool series from Donald and Stephen Glover (Atlanta). Since then Glover has become young Lando Calrissian in Han Solo, putting the squeeze on Deadpool’s schedule.

“Working with talent, you don’t want to squelch their [creativity],” Landgraf said. “You don’t want to say don’t do the Star Wars movie and play the first African-American character in cinema who inspired you when you were young. You want to figure it out so we juggle people’s schedules.”

That has led to an uncertain timetable for Deadpool’s first season.

“We’ve picked it up to series but I can’t tell you when it’s going to be scheduled yet because it’s gotta be great,” said Landgraf.

But Landgraf did promise that it will feature a different flavor than the Fox movie franchise.

“It’ll be really different from the movies,” said Landgraf. “It’s animated and they’re live-action, but it also has a different tone and editorial voice as evidenced by Donald and Stephen Glover, who have their own voice and tone. We really wanted to make something that was distinctly different from the movies.”

Fans of Fargo may be waiting awhile for season 4. But they also may not, Landgraf explained, essentially saying it’s up to the creative whims of creator Noah Hawley, and his busy schedule.

“We haven’t heard the idea from Noah on what the fourth season would be. We’ve encouraged Noah to think about it, and have something he’s exciting and believe in,” said Landgraf. “There’s a possibility he won’t have that idea for some time.”

While Hawley is in the midst of production on season 2 of FX’s Legion and embarking on a journey into film with a Doctor Doom project with Fox, Landgraf noted his fertile and productive mind as reasons to be optimistic that news will come sooner rather than later.

The annual Louie update mirrored this sentiment.

“I really don’t have any update on season 6. I think it’s possible there will never be another season of Louie,” said Landgraf. “I also think it’d be possible that there’s four or five seasons of Louie over the next thirty years.”

Louie C.K. himself echoed this statement.

“I don’t think the version of Louie that was on FX, I don’t think I’ll do that version again. I haven’t been that guy for awhile. They’re older now, I’m an older Dad,” he said. “I always thought if I did Louie again, I might circle back with a different version. I don’t know, I don’t think about it much.”

While American Crime Story’s second installment The Assassination of Gianni Versace is coming in early 2018, it was originally slated to be about Katrina. Many wondered if that show was dead, but Landgraf eased that concern.

“I’m confident that it will air,” he said. “It was a big creative pivot, it was a difficult decision, [because] we were far along one creative direction.”

Ryan Murphy and company knew the bar was really high on the franchise, and weren’t confident it was ready to do so. It was Murphy who made the call to switch gears, and FX supported the decision.

“I’m now more confident about it creatively. It’s in really good shape,” said Landgraf.

For now, fans will sate their thirst for murder with The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.

Included in the announcement of FX Plus was the first footage of Mayans MC, a spinoff of Sons of Anarchy from creator Kurt Sutter that focuses on EZ Reyes and the latino biker gang operating around the California/Mexico border.

This is a good sign of the series’ future prospects.

“I’m really excited about where we are in the process of Mayans,” said Landgraf. “It’s been awesome. I’m very confident about the future of the spinoff.”

Much of that excitement can be attributed to an all-Latino cast, that not only includes Edward James Olmos, but several new discoveries. Landgraf expects to make a decision in three months about the show’s future.

Not all of the news concerned future programming for the network.

Snowfall, a freshman drama about the crack epidemic in the 80s from John Singleton, has been renewed for a 10-episode second season in 2018.

The series averages five million total viewers across all linear and non-linear platforms. Among 90 cable scripted drama series that have premiered in 2017 thus far, Snowfall ranks ninth in Men 18-49 and 18-34, and #10 in Adults 18-49.

Snowfall’s first-season finale airs Wednesday September 6 at 10 p.m. on FX.

FX also announced two new casting additions for season four of the critical darling You’re the Worst: Zosia Mamet of Girls fame will appear in episode seven as Gretchen’s estranged best friend from childhood, and Lou Diamond Phillips will appear as himself in episode ten as a man who dated Lindsay and Becca’s mother.

You’re the Worst premieres Wednesday September 6 at 10 PM on FXX.

[All images courtesy of FX]


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