Jane Doe’s tattoos get a bioluminescent upgrade for the third season of NBC’s tattoo-puzzle crime thriller Blindspot.

“These tattoos, they’re just incredible,” Jaimie Alexander, who plays Jane Doe, told fans at New York Comic Con on Sunday. “They are activated by a disc being placed by a burn on my neck and so, I’m a glow worm!”

The new glow-in-the-dark tattoos are designed to add another layer of complexity to the series – and provide opportunities for even more crime solving.

“Season three is a soft reboot of the show. We have new tattoos discovered which is pretty exciting,” said series creator and executive producer Martin Gero. “The new tattoos are their own thing with their own mysteries and puzzles, but they reference the tattoos underneath them, too,” he said.

The tattoos are based on real-life emerging tattoo technology, said Gero. “The TV version of it is a lot more detailed and they also hurt a lot more in real life,” he said. “I wouldn’t recommend getting one but they’re pretty rad.”

As part of the soft reboot, the narrative also jumps forward two years from where we left the characters at the end of season two.

“This is a show that kind of runs on secrets so doing that two year time jump and kind of dispersing them [the characters] a bit gives them that time away from each other,” explained Gero. But that break leads to some “massive reveals” for the characters in season three, Gero added.

Along with new tattoos, the series visits some new locales this season with the first episode taking Jane and friends to Venice, where the producers received special permission from the city to film a high-speed boat chase scene in the canals.

“We’re going to be shooting this show on five continents this year – it will really have a huge scope to it,” Gero said. “It starts in Venice, then we go to Australia, Barcelona and some other places,” he added.

Sullivan Stapleton, who plays FBI agent Kurt Weller, was thrilled with the location change. “They said we’ve been picked up and we’re going in and you’re starting in Venice. And I said, ‘where Los Angeles?’ and it was like, ‘no, Venice, Italy!’” Stapleton said. “To me that was a dream and some of the best catering I’ve ever had,” he joked.

Blindspot returns to NBC for season three on Friday, October 27.


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