Elastic went heavy on atmosphere for the main titles for TNT’s new limited series, The Alienist, starring Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning.

The sequence evokes oil paintings, revealing a gritty New York City against a different, darker light.

The series premiered Jan. 22 and airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


Design Studio: Elastic

Executive Creative Director: Angus Wall

Creative Director: Lisa Bolan

Art Director: Heidi Berg

Designer: Felix Soletic

Composite and Animation: Yongsub Song, Charles Khoury, Piero Desopo, Alex Silver, Rachel Brickel

Editor: Lauren Dellara

Head of CG: Kirk Shintani

Modeler: Michael Cardenas, Paulo de Almada

Texturing: Aemilia Widodo, Josephine Kahn

Dynamics: Phiphat Pinyosophon

Stock Research: Deb Ricketts

Producer: Paul Makowski

Head of Production: Kate Berry

Executive Producer: Luke Colson

Managing Directors: Linda Carlson & Jennifer Sofio Hall


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