In CBS Reality UK’s new 10-part series, Written in Blood, ten authors inspired by real crime reveal the truth behind their best-sellers.

The series unites fact and fiction, as best-selling thriller author Simon Toyne (The Boy Who Saw, the Sanctus trilogy), meets other top UK crime writers to discuss how their works of fiction have been inspired by real-life crimes. The authors featured in Written in Blood are Mark Billingham, Alex Marwood, Peter James, Angela Clarke, Luke Delaney, Elly Griffiths, R.C. Bridgestock, Marnie Riches, Simon Kernick and Howard Linskey.

The above promo was shot in one day at Halliford Film Studios, and filmed on the Arri Alexa and Milo Motion Control Rig from the VFX Company.

The creative works as two distinct parts. The first is an interrogation room where multiple stories take place, a scene that is instantly recognizable to audiences of the crime genre. In the second part, the authors set about writing a new novel in their respective studies.

Bringing the spot together is that all of these writers have a window into true-crime investigations, both literal and metaphorical, and that serves as the inspiration for their work. The spot’s soundtrack also reflects the clapping of the authors’ typewriter keys and they put their stories on the page.

Written in Blood debuts Sept. 3.


Executive Producers: Kevin Dickie, Matthew Stott

Directors, Satvinder Johal, Barry Durkin

Production Manager: Sarah Felstead

Production Designer: Gabriel Mossa

Post Production (GFX): Clive Collier, Steven Olver, Adeel Khan

Sound Designer: Michael Pacheco

Motion Control: (The VFX Company) Callum Cameron, Malcolm Wooldridge


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