The eye of the storm has passed—although Irma is bearing down on Florida—but Hurricane Harvey caused flooding that devastated hundreds of communities in East Texas, including many served by PromaxBDA members at the local level.

These stations have been working around the clock to serve their communities, while also having to deal with their own challenges.

If you are looking for a way to donate your time and talents, considering using them to support an East Texas TV station. Marketing teams across the region welcome help with writing, producing and editing promotional and sales campaigns that will support these stations while showcasing the pride and resilience of these local communities.

Stations are looking for all skill-sets from digital marketer to ad-sales marketer to promo producer. If interested in volunteering some of your time and expertise, please send your name, contact information, capabilities and the hours you can to commit to the Texas Association of Broadcasters at The organization will connect you to stations in need.


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