Questions about love and relationships? Check out Coach, a new online dating app inspired by Netflix’s Black Mirror, that serves as a fun online marketing tool for the show.

The show “taps into our collective unease with the modern world” through technology-based storylines that feel just out of reach of reality—except for when they aren’t, as is the case with the episode “Hang the DJ.”

Season four of the futuristic dystopian series features a dating app, Coach, which determines a set length for a couple’s relationship—regardless of how that relationship is actually going.

Now, real users can go online at to determine whether their own relationships are bound for glory, or doomed to expire before lunch, with the new feature that launched right in time for Valentine’s Day.

The just-for-fun web app requires users to send a custom link to their partner, then has both participants click on an on-screen fingerprint, ideally at the same time, as an unknown algorithm determines a couple’s relationship end date.

The results, often available after a few “re-calibrations” seem to run the gamut from four minutes to 17 years, with people trying it out on significant others, friends, workplaces and even themselves.

A link at the bottom of the webpage directs users to “Watch Black Mirror.”

This isn’t the first time Netflix has dabbled with digital tie-ins to its shows, such as the Stranger Things ‘80s-style video game.

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And it’s also not the first time Black Mirror has toyed with expanding the show’s disturbing concepts to reality.

A ‘Happy New Year’ spot, for instance, juxtaposes snippets from the show with real-life footage from the past year for an unsettling send off to 2017.

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Coach, however, is just an amusing web app to play around with … for now.


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