To grab viewers’ attention ahead of Calle 13’s new season of crime procedurals and thrillers, Madrid, Spain-based Binalogue limited itself to a simple palette of black, white and neon green. The resulting animation tells the story of the Spanish channel’s lineup, including Cardinal, Wentworth, Law & Order: SVU, Chicago PD, Loch Ness, Modus and more.


Client: NBCUniversal

Head of creative: Nacho Vega

Production manager: Pilar Gonzalez

Production Company: Binalogue

Written and directed by: David Carrizales

Art direction: David Carrizales, Jorge Artola

Production and communication: David Carrizales, Andrea Ponte, Rodrigo Alviso

Cel animation: Leire Villar, Alfonso Elola, Nicolás Petelski

3D: Iván Pardo

Compositing and motion graphics: Jorge Artola, David Carrizales, Leire Villar, Joaquín Castaño, Juan Carlos Martinez

Design and illustration: Jorge Artola, Juan Carlos Martinez, Alfonso Elola, Leire Villar

Design and illustration interns: Altea Llorente, Maria Koikonova, Carolina Blanco

Music and sound design: NBCUniversal


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