What does friendship mean to you?

What June (Alexia Dox, Quick Draw) thinks: Boundaries, very strong boundaries.

What June says: “Openness”

What Kat (Tenea Intriago, Law & Order, SVU) thinks: Pooping in front of each other.

What Kat says: “Pooping in front of each other.”

That captures the dynamic of AwesomenessTV’s Overthinking with Kat and June, which focuses on the inner thoughts of two women as they form a strange but beautiful friendship.

Their hopes, dreams and fears—mostly fears—are heard out loud throughout the half-hour comedy series.

The cast also includes Justin Kirk (Weeds), Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night Live), Emily Hinkler (The Good Doctor), and Elizabeth Hinkler (The Good Doctor).

Overthinking with Kat and June is created by Mackenzie Yeager (Girl Meets World, Hulu’s All Night) and premieres December 19 on YouTube Premium.

“Overthinking with Kat and June” key art. [Awesomeness TV]


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