​New York-based design shop Undefined Creative has unveiled a new series of spots in eight languages for this year’s NHL All-Star fan vote.

The “It’s Your Choice” Campaign marks the third time Undefined Creative has been tapped for the NHL All-Stars Fan Vote project.

This time around, the agency developed an international promo campaign that underscores hockey fans’ power to determine who gets to play in the all-star game, while also pushing users to the NHL’s voting microsite.

Undefined Creative produced :30 and :15 master spots in English and French, with international variations created in Swedish, Finnish, Russian, German, Slovak, and Czech. The agency said that by creating a “canned” project file, they were able to develop a multitude of localized versions without losing the overall aesthetic.



Josh Dubin, Producer

Tim O’Brien, Producer

Lindsay Grant, Producer

Undefined Creative

Maria Rapetskaya, Creative Director and 2D/3D Animation

Cathy Humphrey, Executive Producer

Jesse Roff, 3D Animation

Hobo Audio Company

Diego Jimenez, Audio Engineer

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