Lumbre’s branding of Nat Geo People focuses on the individuals who make the network’s stories so great.


VP Creative and Consumer Marketing NGCI: Emanuele Madeddu

VP Branding and Creative Fox International Channels: Florencia Picco

Branding Director Fox International Channels: Mariano Barreiro


Creative Director: Sergio Saleh

Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo

Art Director: Adriana Campos

Art Direction NGP: Andy Cambiasso, Adriana Campos

Design: Andy Cambiasso, Adriana Campos, Javier Jauregui

Photography: Andy Cambiasso, Adriana Campos, Sergio Saleh

Animation and postproduction: Dario Becher, Andy Cambiasso

Production Company: El Zócalo

Direction: Maximiliano Ezzaoui, Natalia Bacalini

Production: Guadalupe Espinel

Cinematography and Camera: Maximiliano Ezzaoui

1st. Assistant Camera: Armando Freeze

2nd. Assistant Camera: Santiago Encina

Art Direction: Lucía Suárez

Custome Design: Melisa Califano

Casting: Leandro Carrizo

Catering: Lucas Dotta

Music and sound design: Emilio Haro, Pablo Paz

Music for the operative pieces’ reel: “Lasidan” - Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder

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