HBO’s Westworld is a show that leaves audiences hungry for answers. Full of cryptic clues and twists, much of the futuristic western-themed amusement park—and the AI hosts that reside within—is still an uncharted mystery for its guests and the viewers that tune in each week.

The HBO marketing team understands the intrigue surrounding the show’s many mysteries and has tried to further fans’ curiosity with their immersive microsite dedicated to the show.

At first glance, HBO’s Westworld microsite seems to be a website dedicated to allowing fans to feel as if they’re about to book a real trip to the western-themed amusement park, but as users delve deeper into the site, more and more Easter eggs and hidden clues are revealed.

Users that explore the site will find access codes to other pages that allow further participation (try “whitehatblackhat”), including an assessment form that will determine what type of character you should play while visiting the park.

Visitors to the site can also ask questions to virtual Westworld host, Aeden, and determine information that isn’t shared on the show.

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The microsite even has multiple layers. HBO built in secret areas of the site that give further detail about the company that runs Westworld—Delos Incorporated. If a visitor enters the specific passcode “violentdelights” (a call-back to the show’s plot) in the “access” box at the top right of the page, they are given access to the Delos Security Panel.

Westworld’s immersive microsite allows fans to interact with the show on a whole new level, and its lack of directions on how to use the site allows users to find the Easter eggs themselves (Daily Brief recommends holding the Shift Key on the homepage).

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