New York-based Undefined Creative delivered a sleek graphics look for NBCUniversal’s new syndicated talk show, Harry, starring Harry Connick Jr., which launched in September.

“Once the show was picked up, NBCUniversal decided they loved the look we had created for the pilot and hired us to refine and expand on the graphic elements we had initially developed for Harry, which is really a designer’s dream come true,” said Cathy Humphrey, executive producer for Undefined Creative, in a statement.

The set for the pilot utilizes a backdrop with stylized letters spelling out H-A-R-R-Y, which the Undefined Creative team decided to set as a blueprint for the custom typeface which became the final Harry logo. The stylized letters now appear in background animation loops, becoming the backbone of the overall package.

“That shared geometry hidden under the hood is something only designers geek out on, but I believe it went a long way in unifying the aesthetic between the physical space and the graphics that the show’s team appreciated,” said Undefined’s Creative Director Maria Rapetskaya.

Ultimately, Undefined Creative delivered the logo package and brand guidelines, on-air and promo packages with a wide range of elements, including looping backgrounds, in/out bumps, slates, bugs, transitions, supers, snipes, as well as social media templates. A style guide was also provided for each package.

One challenge was that early packages used a lot of teal, but the producers ultimately decided to go with more of a navy, requiring Undefined Creative to put some extra elbow grease into changing all of the elements.

“We used a lot of teal in the pilot graphics, and it was a pretty unique palette choice for daytime,” said Rapetskaya. “But the final decision was to go blue, so we had some lengthy and detailed deliberations about shades of blue, and primary and secondary color schemes, ultimately expanding the show’s color palette to include the multitude of shade variations based on our 3D renders.”


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