What would a well-known movie scene look like with completely different actors? What lies behind the masks—in this case literally—that celebrities display to the world?

Those questions are explored in some of this month’s most viewed hot spots, which tapped into the unknown in creative and unexpected ways.

Check out January’s top five hot spots below:

5. Amazon Prime Proffers Psychedelic Spot for ‘Electric Dreams’

We Are Royale fills the screen with electric blues, purples and pinks to tease Amazon Prime’s anthology series, Electric Dreams, based on the stories of Philip K. Dick.

4. The Best Things in Life Are MTV

As part of a multi-platform campaign by BDA Creative, MTV Germany encourages its viewers to just be free in this brand spot.

3. Kristen Bell Will Do Almost Anything to Host Screen Actors Guild Awards

In this spot by Stun Creative, Kristen Bell will do almost anything to prove she’s the right person to host the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards that aired January 21 on TNT and TBS.

2. Reelz Considers What’s Behind the Masks in Brand Campaign

In staying true to its tagline—“Real Lives. Real Stories. Real Celebrities.”— cable network Reelz seeks to reveal what lays behind people’s masks in this in-house marketing spot.

1. Every Movie is Made of Millions of Choices

It’s not something you probably think about it when watching a movie: What would a movie scene look like with entirely different actors? Different cars? Different CGI? Different sounds? The question of choice is one that Paramount Channel Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), with help from Budapest, Hungary-based Proud Productions, cleverly explores in the above image spot.


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