Gone are the days when viewers flipped through the dial looking for your station—today, only 23 percent of personal screen time is spent watching live linear TV. All media brands need to spend some time thinking about how to future-proof themselves.

In this session drawn from PromaxBDA Station Summit 2017 in Las Vegas, international research and consulting company SmithGeiger shares the latest over-the-top (OTT) trends and reviews the impact that new viewing habits are having on linear TV. Learn about how audiences are changing their behavior to include OTT in their daily viewing, gain insights into your new competitive set, understand the need for an aggressive OTT strategy, and explore the way OTT is fundamentally changing linear TV promotion on air, online, and in social media. After hearing SmithGieger’s Andrew Finlayson, you’ll walk away with new data, new insights into the future, and new inspiration for the possibilities of your team.

Let’s listen in:

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