In a world where multiple-device usage is no longer the exception but the rule, the time has come for a new multi-platform approach.

Once upon a time, brand managers shaped their messages around what they knew about customers on their platform of choice. That is clearly no longer the case as brands cross multiple consoles and mobile platforms, chasing consumers who are engaging with these brands wherever they choose to be.

All of these options for the consumer also mean many opportunities for the marketer. Understanding the differences means evolving how advertising, conversation, and community connect to the audience in all of these spaces.

In this session, taken from the inaugural PromaxGAMES conference in April, Rob Smith, consultant at Robert Smith UTB Consulting, Michael Powers, SVP/GM at GameSpot and CBSi Games and Joshua Rabenovets, senior director, global brand management at EA SPORTS, Electronic Arts explore effective tactics for tackling our multi-platform world.

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[Images courtesy of Jasmin Von T]


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