FX released a short promo for the return of cold-war drama The Americans for its sixth and final season.

Starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as husband and wife Russian spies posing as an American couple in Washington D.C., the series will return for the last time on March 28. And whether the couple ends up together or apart will be a big question headed into these final round of episodes.

“It feels really good and satisfying,” Russell told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in January, while acknowledging it was still too early to contemplate what the end of the show really means.

“We shoot in the dead of winter in New York, and it’s such an uphill sprint, in a great way,” she said. “I feel like heads are still down, charging up that hill. There’s not a lot of time for reflection yet.”

In response to questions about America’s current political relationship with Russia, Executive Producer Joel Fields said the storyline of The Americans had been mapped out from the beginning, and that the show has stayed true to that map when it comes to all the major plot twists.

But he did say viewers can expect a few surprises when the 10-episode final season airs.

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