​Spoiler alert: Sean Bean once again cannot avoid dying at the end of a project in this trailer for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s new video game, Hitman 2, which comes from game developer IO Interactive.

But first, the star of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, playing the role of in-game character Mark Faba, offers tips on how best to take out your foe if you are, in fact, a gun for hire. The answer isn’t always in using the most obvious tool—such as gun or knife—but often something you have right in front of you.

Bean tells us, “A true assassin knows the world is always your best weapon,” and then falls prey to his own advice.

Los Angeles-based ad agency Omelet worked with Chatsworth, Calif.-based Dark Burn Creative on the trailer, with music by Niels by Nielsen.

Hitman 2 comes out Tuesday, Nov. 20, for consoles.


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