In February 2004, Maura Murray emptied her bank account, drove four hours from school, crashed her car, got out and vanished.

Oxygen’s original investigative series The Disappearance of Maura Murray takes a deep dive into the 13-year-old unsolved case that sparked a social media frenzy.

Teasers for the show use a tonal palette to amplify the motion, urgency and intensity of the series. It follows investigative journalist Maggie Freleng as she attempts to unravel a rabbit hole of unexplored leads, eyewitness discrepancies, missing evidence and questionable actions.

The series comes on the heels of Oxygen’s success with The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway. It premieres Saturday, September 23.


Network: Oxygen

EVP Marketing, Oxygen & Bravo: Ellen Stone

VP Creative & Brand Design, Oxygen: Nancy Mazzei

VP Production, Oxygen & Bravo: Thomas Bayer

Creative Director, On-Air Creative: Yanik Archer

Creative Director, Graphics: Kaori Sohma

Creative Director, Off-Air: Jimmy Wentz

Director of Production: Heather Bacci

Supervising Sr. Writer/Producer: Andrew Killoy

Editor: Steven Whyte / Cara D’Andrea

Sound: Jon Dickson


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