The 89th Academy Awards will air Sunday, Feb. 26 on ABC. The televised event will be the first time comedian Jimmy Kimmel serves as master of ceremonies. The TV host, unafraid to voice his opinion, thought it would be clever to give advice on how to win a coveted Oscar. Director Paul Feig created a spot for Kimmel, below, as one continuous shot with no edits.


EVP, CMO: Marla Provencio

VP Drama: Becky Daugherty

Creative Director: Brenda Lee Lau

Writer: Gonzalo Cordova

Producer: Adam Davis

VP Brand & Design: Pash Pashkow

Design Director: Lucas Aragon

Art Director: Monica Helberg

Flame Artist: Ray Bohn

Designer: Chris Abbey

Editor: Jonathan Eugenio

VP of Production (original shoots): Robert Schefferine

Director of Production (original shoots): Chris O’Hara

Associate Director, Special Projects & Production: Sandy Christmas

Sr. Manager of Production: Meg Tyra

Sr. Manager of Post Production Finishing: Steve Burch

Manager of Production: Christine Sparks

Production Company: Black Label Content

Director: Paul Feig

Founder/ECD: Joseph Uliano

Producer Norm Reiss

DP: Nicole Hirsch

Production Designer: Patrick Lumb


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