If you missed Snooki, JWoww, Pauly D and The Situation, you’ll be in for a treat with the debut of MTV’s Floribama Shore, which is like Jersey Shore, except this version is based in Panama City Beach, which lies on the border between Florida and Alabama, hence the show’s title.

According to The Shop’s 60-second trailer, above, the new cast seems equally interested in the passions of the cast of Jersey Shore: namely drinking, hooking up, working out and freaking out. No word on how the new cast feels about laundry. (See GTL for explanation.)

Floribama Shore premieres on MTV on Monday, Nov. 27.


Agency: The Shop

Creative Director/Owner: Jordan Hayman

Senior Producer/Editor: Nick Shakarian

Assistant Editor: Aubrey Byrne

Network: MTV

Chief Marketing Officer: Jacqueline Parkes

SVP, Brand Creative: Thomas Berger

SVP, Brand Creative: Amy Campbell

VP, Brand Creative: Marissa Grasso

Executive Producer: Joyeux Noel

Project Manager: Francesca Batista

Writer/Producer: Hannah Vanderpoel

Writer: Justin Freidus

Creative Director, Design: Rebecca Simnowitz

Design Producer: Lisa Nussbaum

Animator: Adrian Alexis

Designer: Casiel Kaplan

Designer: Joe Cosentino


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