To celebrate its summer marathon of ‘90s movies August 12 and 13, IFC created this spot featuring some of the best/worst moments to be captured in film during that decadent decade. From taking inappropriate liberties with pies to seances gone wrong to lots of teenagers making out, IFC’s got it all.

As they say in Pulp Fiction—Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 classic—bring out the gimp!


EVP, Marketing and Digital Media: Blake Callaway

SVP, Brand Marketing: Kevin Vitale

VP/Creative Director: John Sinclair

Design Director: Ed Sherman

Director of Production: Fred Mullin

Executive Producer: Laurie Mutschler

Writer/Producer: Dennis Shinners

Editors: Beth Feltham, Gary Belcher

Animator: Aaron Kent

Writer: Chris Molinaro

Vocals: Liam/JinglePunks

Music: Summer Girls, LFO


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