History and agency Roger worked together on this cel-animation spot that illustrates the life philosophy of Mountain Men star Eustace Conway.

“When you look in nature, you see how things flow in a natural way. In nature, things are in a circle. What goes around, comes around,” he says.

“If you look at the modern world, it’s not so circular. You wake up in the morning and you are sleeping in a square. You step out into a square room. You walk through a square door. Pretty soon, you get into a little square and you go to your little square building. You have a square day. That’s not very well-rounded.”

“You look at the plastic cookie-cutter world of modern normal America and I think ‘do I want to be normal. Uh uh. There is a better way.‘”

Food for thought, Eustace.


Network - History:

VP Brand Creative: Krista Liney

Senior Creative Director: Matt Neary

Project Manager: Kate Rosante

Agency - Roger:

Executive Creative Director: Terry Lee

Creative Director: Dane Macbeth

Art Director: Jake Portman

Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky

Producer: Brian Wee

Designers: Yuki Yamada, Belinda Rodriguez, Clarissa Tossin, Monica Grue

2D Animators: Jake Portman, Joseph Ahn, Adam Lawrence

Cel Animators: Matt Everton, Taik Lee, Jason Carpenter, Jahmad Rollings, Adam Lawrence, Connie Chan, Joseph Ahn

Dir. Bus. Dev: Drew Neujahr


Composer: Mark Share / Easyfeel


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